Frequently Asked Questions


+ How long will the BadFlag Pole stay suctioned to my vehicle?

The length at which our vacuum suction cups hold has no set time limit. This depends mainly on the surface you attach to, overall condition of the suction cup pump system, total force put on the BadFlag Pole, and other factors. The best surfaces for the BadFlag Pole are smooth and flat. To maximize hold time both the suction cups and the surface need to be as clean as possible. We recommend using a small amount of water to enhance the seal of the suction to help maximize strength and hold. Paying attention to the pumps plunger system is very important. If the plunger cylinder starts to show white, it's the first sign your suction cups are losing their seal. We recommend checking the pumps before EVERY use and whenever possible on the road.

+ Will the sun damage my BadFlag Pole System?

Our products are made to last. However, UV rays will eventually break down almost any rubber or plastic, so store your BadFlag Pole out of the sun when not in use.

+ Can I take my BadFlag Pole on the highway?

Absolutely! We designed the BadFlag pole for exactly that reason! We recommend keeping your speed under 65 MPH to limit the ware and tear on your flag, but the BadFlag pole, when properly attached, will hold to any legal highway speed.

+ Do you sell replacement parts?

Of course! We fully support our products for life. Everything from pads and pumps to hardware and bolts can be found in our online store at great prices.

+ What are these little white 'dots' that came with my setup?

We have started including small air filters to help protect the vacuum pump mechanism. These should help limit the amount of dirt/dust that finds its way inside the pump and improve the length between cleaning/replacing parts.

+ Can my BadFlag be used in cold temperatures?

Yes, however after use your suction cups will need to be warmed to room temperature before the rubber is pliable enough to make a solid seal to the mounting surface. Although we recommend wetting the surface before using normally, DO NOT DO THIS IN FREEZING OR NEAR-FREEZING TEMPERATURES. The suction cup will freeze to the surface and could cause permanent damage to the pump system.

+ Will the BadFlag Pole damage my vehicles finish?

No. But, don't attach the suction cups to freshly-waxed surfaces. Ensure the wax has had time to cure. Also, avoid attaching to vehicle wraps and plastic bumpers to avoid any damage or color bleeding. Plastic bumpers and wraps have been known to absorb colors, especially when left on in high-heat conditions.